About Us / History

This company was established in 1981 with the goal of designing, manufacturing, installing and operation of low voltage switchgears up to 4000A and automatic capacitor banks.

In 1991, this company continued its activity in a factory placed in Tehran for manufacturing of medium voltage switchgears, protection and PLC control systems beside low voltage switchgears and could achieve qualification recognition certificate from power distribution company in Tehran and other provinces and also ISO 9001 certificate for quality management from DQS company(Germany) in 2002 and could introduce itself as one of active companies in Iran electricity industry.

In 2004, with establishing of new factory in Hashtgerd industrial zone (Iran) in an area of 4500 m² consist of 2500 m² space for production and laboratory and 600 m² for office and engineering departments and equipping production lines and laboratory, focused its activity for designing and manufacturing of all types of low voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, capacitor banks, protection panels and PLC auto control systems and also all types of prefabricated compact substations.


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