Factory / Laboratory Section

1-Painting section:

>> Color thickness test with Mikrotest Electrophysic device with fault percent of ± 5mic. (according to ISO 2808)

>> Salt spray permanency test for performing all corrosive tests in dry,humid,chemical and critical areas. (according to ASTM B117)

>> Color stick test on panel frame with cross cutter device produce of Elcommeter co. in 1x1 mm² section (according to ISO 2409 & ASTM D3359-B).

>> Bending test with 5 mm. diameter metal spheres.(according to ASTM D522)

>> Impact test  with one and two pounds sinkers. (according to ASTM D2794)

2-Assembly section:

>> High voltage test consists of:

      Power frequency test up to 100kVAC.

      Impulse test up to 250kVAC.

>> Routine electrical tests with 3phase industrial voltage network according to IEC standard with digital measuring devices consist of multimeter,ammeter,voltmeter,cosfi meter,capacitance meter and phase sequence test.

>> Dielectric resistance test with meiger device (250VDC-50MΩ to 1000VDC-2000MΩ).

>> Earth resistance test with Kyoritsu digital device model no. 4105A.

>> Current injection test up to 4000A.

>> Routine mechanical tests.

>> High pot test.


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